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About Us

Our goal is to provide support to our artists by finding them galleries and other venues around the world to expose their works. We also maintain the relationship with the gallery for the artist to provide regular and smooth communication. This creates an environment for the artist where time and tranquility are on their side. The result is increased productivity which is beneficial for all.

Most all of our artists are well established and can be found in museums, have won awards, are sold at auction and are in major private collections around the world. They each have up to 18 images on our site representing some of their works. More photos and details on each artist are available upon request. Not all of our artists are on the site at all times, so please ask if you would like to see others.

Lino Di Cesare and Robert Gordon have a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary art and have both studied in North America and Europe. They are based in Brussels, Belgium and travel extensively. Private viewings of works by appointment only.